Personal Estate Planning Report

Insight Into Your Estate Options

Get a tailor made, personal report, informing you about your estate planning, including taxes involved, how much under the current regulations, consequences, obligations and rights for the parties involved, taking into account regional variations.

For a fixed fee of 300 € plus VAT we provide a detailed analysis prepared by an experienced legal practitioner with options for two further clarifications, if required, within two weeks from the date of the emailed report.

Some basic information will be required in advance such as:

.-Place of residence of the owner and the recipient or would be inheritor

.-Approximate value of the estate involved, the asset or the amount to be gifted

.-Location of the assets

.-If some rights of use are retained by the donor or given to third parties, age of the parties involved.

The report will be sent in English. If any laws, resolutions or precedents are included as evidence and illustration, those will be quoted in Spanish.