For professionals

If the jursdicton to rule on the succession is a Spanish court or before a Spanish Authority we can:

  • Represent your clients from the beginning of the process and advise you if necessary on procedural issues and also, in substantive matters if Spanish law is applicable.
  • If the proceeding relates to the sharing out of the estate and as the appointment of a contador partidor is the main issue, we can act as an agreed contador partidor.
  • If a court settlement is reached we can also prepare the deed of sharing out.
  • If a court settlement is not reached we can go on with the court case till its conclusion
  • Although we always search for a beneficial solution we are always committed to face serious court action if necessary.

    If the jursidiction to rule the succesion is in a foreign court:

  • We can advise and inform about Spanish law if applicable.
  • We can advise on and prepare the proceedings to inscribe assets in the Land Registry, to get your client’s assets recorded.

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