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The family firm which operates Successions in Spain, has many years’ experience in dealing with inheritance and property issues, which gives great insight into the legal complexities of land and property transfers.

We are members of the Oviedo and Cantabria Bar Associations, and fluent English speakers, with international collaborators. The firm keeps up to date with new EU and international regulations, participating in the successions related activities of the EU supported European Academy of Law in Germany.

Inheritance, property and related tax issues are the firm’s areas of expertise, we are an authority on the technicalities of the varying regulations between the different tax regimes of the autonomous regions of Spain and that of the State. An area which is often overlooked but which can be of great significance for both national and international inheritance alike.

We can offer you clear advice on a wide range of legal matters in both Spanish and English.

We have always taken great pride in our services and we aim to continue bringing the same level of dedication and commitment to our clients, as the interests of our clients are our main concern.

The firm is overseen by the Oviedo and Cantabria Bar Association and our work is insured up to the highest amount provided by the Bar Association



  • ‘I am very grateful to Ramon for his prompt free, very knowledgeable and extremely useful, detailed advice on Spanish inheritance law. Furthermore he is friendly and his communication in English is excellent. I would not hesitate to use his services’.

    Thanks very much Ramon.

    Maria, February 2024

  • I contacted this team mid January after the sudden passing of my very close friend.
    I needed help understanding both the Spanish and uk laws regarding her estate to be able to help her husband out with the legal challenges he faced directly after.
    Someone contacted me within an hour of me contacting them.
    I have received numerous emails talking me through everything, being very patient and understanding with me.
    This helped me understand and explain things better to her husband who is struggling to deal with things himself.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend this company without question. Definitely went above and beyond helping me.
    Also I would like to acknowledge the fact that these guys answered every single question no matter how small and not once during this time have they ever asked me for any kind of payment.
    There genuinely is still some honest and selfless people in the world and I would class the very patient Ramón (he absolutely done your company proud) who helped without question as one of them.
    Honestly I can’t thank or praise this company enough. 10/10 for all their dedication, compassion and unwavering support.
    Thanks so much!
    Amanda, January 2024

  • Hi, I’m Helen and living in Marbella
    I had a dispute with my neighbor over the overgrown trees as fence. I have consulted lawyers and none of them came up with plausible answers or solution.

    I came across Ramón and explained my situation and immediately he quoted pertaining articulo código civil and summarized it neatly for me.
    What a relief it was !
    I am very grateful to Ramón..
    Helen T, December 2023

  • I contacted Ramón Bustillo as a result of an internet search regarding international inheritance and choice of law, in testaments in particular. Ramón has spent a generous amount of time looking into my query and patiently explained in detail what laws apply and why. Ramón is very professional and knowledgeable, quick to respond and pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing advice in international inheritance questions.
    Christa, September 2023

  • I was so impressed with the quick response I received after my initial enquiry and the information was freely given without any pressure from their side. I will definitely use their services in the future.
    Linda June 2023

  • For me it was a great pleaseure to liase with the Legal Office. I am based in Hungary and the Legal Firm was kind enough to explain a whole Spanish procedure that I was not aware of in a very-very detailed manner, giving very deep explanations to all of my questions. I was very surprised – in a very positive way – to receive such a professional and very-very kind feedback without any fees.
    Happy that I could at all get to know this Legal Firm. I would really recommend their services.”

    Bianka June 2023

  • «Ramón, from Inheritance Spain, was very helpful in answering my questions around liability for Inheritance Tax when Resident or non-Resident. He was quick to respond and gave me the information I required. I would not hesitate to use them again. Jim, May 2023»
  • Thank you so much for answering my questions regarding the Spanish law on fence/gate in front of my property.
    My questions were answered very fast, and it helped me a lot.
    Super service!
    Kim Petersen, Spain/Denmark

  • Recently I had a need to ask this company about a small potential inheritance issue I wanted to clarify in connection with my property in Spain.

    The speed of response and professionalism from Ramon was amazing, helpful and very generous of his time. Obviously I will keep his contact details for the future for more important matters.

    Chris. March 2023

  • I received a quick and clear answer to my specific questions. I was provided with extensive background information to answer some questions I had not asked but following the logic everything became clear. Highly recommended.

    Nestor March 2023

  • «We have been Ramon’s clients through several different types of transactions (house-buying, last will and testament, etc.) and every time we work with him, we are so grateful for his expertise. Not only is Ramon reliable and professional, but he really takes time to simplify and explain these often daunting bureaucratic processes. He speaks excellent English, which is a relief for those of us who aren’t versed in legal Spanish. He is worldly and understands the perspective of foreigners like us, which makes us feel very comfortable and in able hands. We will continue to work with Ramon for any and all complicated legal transactions in Spain and would recommend him to anyone needing the assistance of a lawyer.
    -Jackie Byrne and Stephen Webb» February 2023
  • Thank you for the quick reply and all of the information. Much appreciated.Meagan. February 2023
  • Dear Ramón,Thank you very much for your email, it helped a lot. It clears all my questions, and I finally know what should be done.

    Karina January 2023

  • Ramón has been of invaluable help and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone receiving an inheritance from abroad. He has deep knowledge of all the intricacies of this process and communicated them in a clear and calm manner, which I found consistently reassuring. There was no hesitation in his knowledge of the subject and I felt very comfortable trusting him with this delicate issue.
    Kael. December 2022
  • Thank you for your immediate and extremely helpful advice today. I very much appreciate you taking the time to understand all of the details of my situation and then work through all of the implications and options with me.Thanks again and best regards,

    Levi.August 2022

  • My wife and I bought a property in Asturias in 2022. When we contacted Ramon, we had 3 properties on our shortlist. Ramon was able to clearly explain the pros and cons of each property so we could make an informed decision. During the negotiation and purchase Ramon was very professional, communicated on our behalf with the relevant parties and made sure we understood the process and taxes. We also found Ramons´fees very good value and would highly recommend his services.
    Stuart Davidson
  • Thank you so much for supporting me with my enquiries related to inheritance tax and my imminent property purchase in Barcelona. I was very impressed with the depth of your knowledge on the subject and I am now confident that I can make the right tax planning decisions. Going forward I will be happy to recommend you to others given my positive experience.

    Thanks Ed & Family. July 2022

  • Thank you so much for this reassurance and clarification. I’ve spent many hours trying to find official advice about this and found nothing.Clare June 2022
  • Dear Ramon,Thanks a lot for your quick reaction and for the given clarifications!Philippe May 2022
  • Thank you so much for your immediate and professional answer during this holiday week.
    Your information is a huge help.
    Now, the decision is mine. Katia , April 2022
  • “very helpful”Jeanne March 2022


  • The service from «inheritance spain» was very quick, great communication and we got what we asked for, Would highly reccommend them 😊Andreas February 2022
  • “Ramón Bustillo provided solid advice about the tax filing for a gift from abroad. We were able to effectively communicate in English, and his advice has been very helpful.”Judith October 2021
  • I contacted Ramon online whilst in the research phase of our move abroad. Ramon has been really attentive and given us clear and really useful advice. Would recommend to anyone trying to find good advice on the tac implications when moving to Spain and I hope to engage his services fully when we’re ready to move.Vicky August 2021
  • Successions have been extremely helpful in clarifying to me many important aspects of inheritance tax in Spain. Without help from Ramon, I would certainly be lost.Max West July 2021


  • «We had concerns over inheritance tax, and you were very helpful in putting our minds at rest. A very helpful and professional service. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you».David & Pam. May 2021


  • “I am pleased to recommend successions inheritancespain.com for the timely response to my enquiry which provided a clear answer to my problem. The issue concerned the Inheritance Tax on my apartment in Andalusia which I have owned for over 40 years”
    Thank you
    Tom OToole
    Chartered Engineer U.K. April 2021 
  • «My initial consult online was specific and informative – designed to help me, not hook me. In the end I did not need their services, and I learned this from their generous explanation of my situation.»Tim Stark. Bilbao. March 2021
  • I contacted Successions through an internet search. I am a US citizen and Spanish resident interested in help for tax planning. I filled out their questionnaire on inheritance tax information. Within an hour, I had a personalised answer to my questions.All other sites I requested information were never returned. The people were prompt, knowledgeable and friendly.
    I would highly recommend them.

    Mrs. Melanie Widmar, Altea, Spain January 2020

  • I found Ramon on an internet search when I was looking for inheritance tax advice. I asked a question and unlike the other lawyers that I found online, he came back to me in a timely manner and answered my question. I was initially a little wary to use him as he was a long away away from me and I thought that I would have needed to have met face to face. As I asked more questions it became clear that Ramon knew what he was talking about and so I asked him to deal with the inheritance taxes I had to pay. I was surprised that I had to pay him for his work before it was done, certainly something that you would not get in the UK, again I was concerned that having paid him by bank transfer, he would disappear with my money. He didn’t and carried on the work and submitting the relevant paperwork to the Spanish authorities.There was a lot of scanning and sending of documents required and even though the tax is all submitted and paid there is still a chance that at the eleventh hour the tax authorities will come back wanting more information or money. I have confidence that Ramon will deal with this if the need arises in the future.

    Sara. January 2020

  • I found the information provided clear, coherent and very useful.I wish you all the best and send very kind regards,

    Marina Curtis Evans. March 2020

  • Ramon Bustillo has been an extremely reliable and personable lawyer, acting throughout the purchase of our property and the subsequent surveying and registration of our land and property in Asturias. He has dealt with difficulties in a very thorough and comprehensive way. His English has allowed for good communication, and we would thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.»
    Juliet Hindson. May 2020
  • Thankyou so much for your advice it has put my mind at rest you have been very helpful.
    Elaine Hayes. October 2020
  • Thank you so much for your clear guidance, which I admit has been very difficult to find!I am keeping your contact details for future reference

    LK Madrid November 2020

  • Thank you. Your advice has helped me to decide how to proceed.

    Anne Robinson November 2020

  • «I contacted this company regarding a complicated inheritance matter, asking for some clarification on a particular point. They replied very quickly and were very helpful and clear with their information, at a time that I was struggling to get clear information. When I asked for further information, they were quick to supply it. All at no cost. I wouldn’t hesitate to instruct them and will no doubt be doing so in the near future to return the favour.»
    Lindsay Hyde . January 2021
  • Thank you very much for your prompt reply (less than 24 hours excluding the weekend). Your response to my Spanish inheritance tax queries, which is a complex subject with constantly changing rules and regulations, was detailed and very clear. Excellent service!

    J. Atkins January 2021